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By defaultdefault, menus in ImpIMP and in Horde in general, are collapsed. They have a little (+) plus sign next to them which you click to expand the menu.

This explains how to make menus expanded by default.

The following was tested on Debian Sarge only, so the location of your files may vary.

Find 'horde3/imp/lib/Block/tree_folders.php'Find {{horde/imp/lib/Block/tree_folders.php}} and look for the $tree->addNode{{$tree->addNode}} entry that affects the menu that you want to change.


Under a Debian Sarge installation the file is located under::


Inunder {{/usr/share/horde3/imp/lib/Block/tree_folders.php}}.

In line 159 - 161: the expand option defaults to false change it to true (see example below)::


<code type="php">
$tree->addNode($parent, $registry->get('menu_parent', $parent),

               sprintf('<b>%s</b> (%s)', $registry->get('name', $parent), $unseen),

               $indent - 1, true, $node_params);