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HowTo Permission 

In the horde system are 5 types of permissions: 

* Show 
* Read
* Edit
* Delete
* Delegate


* Owner
* All Authenticated Users
* Guest Permissions
* Individual Users
* Object Creator
* Groups

++Admin section:

The admin panel "permissions" allow you to set the overall permission for each modul like kronolith, nag, turba, etc... 


++User section:

User permissons for each modul can be modified through authentificated user by horde for sharing created objects like calendars, tasks, notes etc...

   *no effects


+++What is a Object?

+++How can I set permissions/shares for a single adressbook entry

+++How to embed Calendar into a webpage 

Administration section:

Horde apllication : 
Guest                   --> show read
All Authenticated Users --> show read edit delete

Kronolith application : 
Guest                   --> show read
All Authenticated Users --> show read edit delete

<div id="kronolithCal"></div>

To embedSee the kronolith help file and ((Doc/Dev/LegacyApps|Using Horde from a summary view:

<div id="kronolithCal2"></div>
<script type="text/javascript"  

</code>custom website or application)) and especially the section entitled "Using the calendar widgets to embed calendars"

+++ I'd like to know what the various permissions mean for the Horde  application.  What do Show, Read, Edit, and Delete mean in the Horde context?

In the Horde context, the only meaningful permission is READ or the  
lack of it. READ means the user has access, lack of it means they don't. 

It goes for any application, not just Horde, except that if for some reason you want to let users know that an application exists, but not let them use it (maybe a premium upgrade?), you can give them SHOW permissions.

+++Apparently I also need to set some of those permissions for Authenticated Users, because the "Horde" link on the sidebar disappears if I only have permissions set for Guests. What about the Edit and Delete permissions? Are those needed for authenticated Users?   

They are not.

If there are no permissions set on an application, or on Horde itself, the default is to allow authenticated users and disallow guests (unless the app is disabled or set to admin-only in the registry).

If you set any permissions on an application, however, those defaults go away since now there is a permission for the app and it needs to be honored. So when you start adding guest permissions, you need to set appropriate authenticated user permissions as well. 

+++Howto give access to a guest for any module:

* Choose Administration --> Permissions
* Click on the All Permissions "keys" icon 
* When the "Add a child Permission" pane appears, choose the your module
* Click the Add button
* On the Guest Permissions tab check, Show and Read.
* Checking Edit allows a guest to Edit existing entries.
* Checking Delete allows a guest to Delete entries.
* Go to your module and set the permissionon on user base.

to be continued...