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**##red|This information is valid for Horde 3 only. See ((Doc/Dev/SpecialFilesH4)) for Horde 4 or ((Doc/Dev/SpecialFiles)) for Horde 5 and later.##**

* {{horde/lib/core.php}}: This file
 * sets some required PHP configuration settings
 * loads libraries required by all Horde applications
 * instantiates the global Browser object

There are several files with a special meaning that can be found in every Horde application:

* {{index.php}}: This script is loaded if a user enters an application. Usually this script doesn't have any functionality but simple loads the default view of the application, sometimes depending on the user's preferences.
* {{lib/base.php}}: This file is loaded from every script of the application. Its purpose is to:
 * define some global constants
 * load {{core.php}}
 * initialize the ((Doc/Dev/Registry|Registry))((Doc/Dev/RegistryH3|Registry))
 * redirect to the login screen if the user is not authenticated and guest access is disabled
 * load common Horde libraries
 * initialize the ((Doc/Dev/Notification| Notification System))
 * load common application specific libraries
 * initialize common global application specific objects and variables
 * start output compression
* {{lib/api.php}}: This files defines and implements all methods that an application is exposing through the ((Doc/Dev/Registry|Registry))((Doc/Dev/RegistryH3|Registry)) to the other Horde applications and the Horde RPC servers.
* {{lib/version.php}}: This files defines a single constant: the application's version number.
* {{templates/common-header.inc}}: This is the common page header template for all scripts of the application. All applications use the same page footer template {{horde/templates/common-footer.inc}}.
* {{themes/screen.css}}: This is a CSS file that defines all application specific style sheet rules.