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+ Horde_Refactor

A Library and Tool Set for refactoring code

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Horde_Refactor is a commandline tool to enforce quality in code and documentation
Refactoring is governed by Rules which implement detection and change of content violating the rule.

Currently, two formal rules are implemented:
- php4 constructor handling: Ensure a php5 constructor exists if a php4 constructor is found and, if needed, swap positions to ensure compat.
- FileLevelDocBlock: Ensure that a file level doc block with at least certain information is present in all class files.

Some Horde_Refactor Rules may or may not need a configuration file.
Configuration Options for a Horde\Refactor\Rule\Base descendent Foo are defined in a Horde\Refactor\Config\Base descendent class of the same name (if any).

This file can sport default values. To override these, provide a config file 

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