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* [HordeFramework Horde Framework]

Horde Modules:

: [ChoraModule Chora] : Chora is the Horde CVS viewer, and it provides an advanced web-based view of any CVS repository. It now includes annotation support, visual branch viewing capability, and human-readable diffs.

: [DimpModule DIMP] : DIMP is a project to create a version of IMP utilizing AJAX-like technologies to allow a more dynamic user experience.

: [GollemModule Gollem] : Gollem is a web-based file manager integrated with the rest of Horde. It lets you browse, manipulate, upload, download, delete, rename, and view files stored either on an FTP server, in a SQL database (with a full hierarchical filesytem structure) or on a real filesystem.

: [HermesModule Hermes] : Hermes is a time-tracking application which includes the ability to export hours in !QuickBooks format.

: [((SHAMSAN)): [ImpModule IMP] : IMP was the first Horde application, and in some respects Horde grew out of it. IMP provides webmail access to any IMAP or POP3 mailbox, and handles internet standard MIME attachments, user defined filters, preferences, and more.

: [IngoModule Ingo] : Ingo is an email filter rules manager. It can generate Sieve, procmail and IMAP scripts and upload them to or execute them on the server (using a timsieved or VFS FTP driver, or the PHP IMAP extension, respectively).

: [JonahModule Jonah] : Jonah is the Horde portal project. It currently provides a framework for collecting headlines from any site that provides an RSS summary of their content. Future plans include a full-fledged my.netscape type portal with user preferences, stocks, news, weather, and any other content source that users want.

: [KlutzModule Klutz] :   Klutz is comic strip server that can cache the images of the comic strips or fetch them on the fly.

: [KronolithModule Kronolith] : The Kronolith calendar project currently provides a robust web-based calendar for individual users with repeating events, and a smart algorithm to display a whole day of events even if many of them overlap each other. Future plans include support for shared calendars and merging multiple calendars into a single view.

: [MnemoModule Mnemo] : Mnemo is a note manager.

: [MimpModule MIMP] : MIMP is a stripped down version of IMP for use on mobile phones/PDAs.

: [NagModule Nag] : Nag is a simple, multiuser task list manager.

: [SorkModule Sork] : Sork is a collection of four other Horde modules: accounts [CVS], forwards [CVS], passwd [CVS], and vacation [CVS]. Together they perform various account management functions such as changing passwords, setting up e-mail forwards, and setting up e-mail vacation notices (auto responder messages).

: [TreanModule Trean] : Trean is a bookmarks manager for Horde, allowing you to store your bookmarks in one place and access them from any browser.

: [TurbaModule Turba] : Turba is the Horde address book / contact management program. It grew out of the need for a more complete address book than the one built in to older versions of IMP. It is now production quality, although there are advanced features left to implement. It provides a generic frontend to searching and managing LDAP, SQL, and other contact sources.

: [UlaformModule Ulaform] : Ulaform is a dynamic form creator, which allows for easy plugging in of forms either within the Horde framework itself or to any external html page. It has a simple interface to create forms, select actions and set up the fields within the form.

: [WhupsModule Whups] : The Web Horde User Problem Solver, besides being a contrived acronym, is a ticket-tracking system that aims to be very flexible as well as integrated with Horde's Chora application and other relevant bugs/ticketing/tracking aspects of Horde.

: [WickedModule Wicked] : Wicked is a Wiki for the Horde framework. Wicked is also powering this Wiki.

: [MinervaModule Minerva] : Minerva  is an on-line invoicing application. The aim is to provide an complete billing system that runs alone or as a supporter for other application that needs invoicing.