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##red|The Facebook integration in Horde is deprecated, this is for historical purposes only##
++Configuring Horde 4 for Facebook integration

Horde's Facebook integration requires some setup on Facebook in order to get it to working. A Facebook application must be created for each Horde installation. The following are the steps that are required in order to get this working.

# Create the application. This is done at http://facebook.com/developers
# Under the //Website// section of the configuration, you need to add the url to your services/facebook page. So, if your horde install is at http://example.com/horde, then your //Site URL// setting should be //http://example.com/horde/services/facebook/ //. You also need to enter the //Site Domain// setting. In this example, it would be //example.com//.
# Take note of the //Application ID// and the //Application Secret// values. You will need to enter these in Horde's //API Keys// configuration section.
# Once those values are entered into Horde's configuration, users will be able to validate the application via Horde's //Facebook Integration// preference page.