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On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:

> Btw, does this mean that Harvard, or part of it, is considering/adopting

> IMP?

It does. We actually just rolled it out, and people have begun using it.

We're still working out a few kinks that are probably related to our

environment, such as the spellchecker and imp not communicating properly

(ispell(ispell works fine, and is the latest version; not sure what's up here).

Overall, we've had a lot of positive comments. The biggest complaints have

been related to its speed. There have also been a significant number of

requests for Eudora addressbook import options, which right now has no

straightforward solution (they have to be imported to outlook, then

importedimported from there to Imp).

The speed issue isn't too surprising. We have it running on four Compaq

tru64 boxes, which are also used for imap, pop, and shell logins for

thousands of users. If you'd like to know more about our environment, let

me know.

I'd imagine you would like to be able to mention this on your website,

which I admit would be pretty cool. Unfortunately, I'm not PR-authorized,

and cannot give you permission to mention this on your website, but I am

working closely with somebody who does have this authority, and while we

haven't discussed it specifically, I think we're on the same level in that

we are waiting until the major problems have been addressed. If he's not

thinking the same thoughts, I will mention to him that he should let you

guys make a plug for us on your site, once it's clear that we're sticking

with Imp (which right now is pretty certain, but not 100% certain).

> Also btw, I live/work in Somerville, so if you need some consulting as

> part of this, let me know. :)

That's good to know, thanks!


Scott Kearney 

Web Developer

Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University