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+ EAS 16.0 Progress and Information

This page will informally track progress for implementing EAS 16.0 for those who are interested. Information regarding support in various clients as it becomes available will be posted here as well. Currently EAS 16.0 code only exists in my local topic branch. This will be pushed to a topic branch in our public repo once it has stabilized.

++ Feature Matrix
||~ Feature ||~ Status ||~ Notes ||
|| Draft Email Sync || Implemented support for server->client sync, support for accepting client->server changes but do not currently save them server-side (see notes).Done. || No known clients actually support this yet. Final bit of support will be added when any client implements this. Apple announced iOS 9 would support this, but as of 9.2 still no joy (though it does advertise 16.0 support in the version header). ||
|| Calendar file attachments. || Implemented support in Kronolith. Still need Wbxml changes to support this.Done. || || No known clients support this yet.||

++ Tested EAS 16.0 Advertised Clients.
||~ Client ||~ Draft Sync ||~ Calendar Attachments ||~ Improved Calendar Reliability ||~ Notes ||
|| iOS 9.2 || X || X || ? || ||