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Wiki-Like Linking Proposal

This is a proposal for a number of design criteria which will allow us to more tightly integrate data between applications and refer to it and link between applications. It's late and I'm tired, so I hope the following makes sense. -- JasonFelice


Object Browser

This might be part of the Horde_Links:: API, but we would be able to query an application for a heirarchy of objects (probably not all at once, of course). An object would be a turba entry or a kronolith event or a wicked page or a whups ticket, etc.

This will allows us to provide a popup window the user can use to browse to a particular object easily.

Another possibility would be a "clip area" in the menu or the sidebar. When viewing an object, there will be an icon to send it to the clip area and an icon will appear there.

-- JasonFelice

Simple Wiki-Like Markup for Text Fields

Event descriptions, comments in whups, description fields in turba, task descriptions in nag would all recognize a simple type of markup for indicating links to other objects, and these will appear as hypertext links to those objects.

If we use the clip area idea, then we would code a little javascript to allow drag-and-drop onto these edit fields to insert references. Otherwise, we'd have an icon that pops up a window we can browse to the right object and click on the object to insert a reference in the current field.

-- JasonFelice

Object Binding

The inspiration here is that I would like wicked pages bound to turba objects. I'd like both a turba entry for a contact or client, and a wiki page to keep track of notes, link to projects, etc. I'm not sure how this would work, exactly.

-- JasonFelice

Other Thoughts

Wiki pages have a name, a title (which is always the same as the name in wiki-land), and content. This is basically the same as any of the "objects" we're talking about here. I'm thinking that different applications provide the ability to manipulate different kinds of objects, but we still need a good deal of generic objects, which are generic wiki pages. I guess the goal of this API is to make all the other applications act like they are "specializations" of wiki pages.

-- JasonFelice

Do you mean InterMap ?

It's a system to allow mapping links to other wikis. If you consider every horde module's instance as a wiki, then this could do the trick.

Also it would help to have SEO friendly links, so that every page has a name.

For more informations, see : http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/PmWiki/InterMap

-- JonasPfenniger

Check out Tikiwiki

I've used Tikiwiki fairly extensively and it implements the feature under discussion very well across virtually all CMS components, no reliance on InterMapping at all. You might save a lot of research and coding by checking out how they execute the feature, particularly given that Tikiwiki is mostly coded in PHP. Also, I'm wondering about the "Wicked" wiki name nominated. Is this the same code base as the similar Wicked wiki extension for Plone? See http://plone.org/news/wicked_inital_release If not, giving this project the same name may cause confusion.

Finally, I suggest you give serious attention to the need for aliasing wiki links. Sometimes, it is simply essential to give a wiki link a label different from the title of the page to which you want to link. So, for example, in Tikiwiki if you have a page name of Joe Smith, you could link to it using the alias of Rhonda Williams with the following syntax: Rhonda Williams. The link label would display as "Rhonda Williams," but the link would be to the page titled "Joe Smith."

-- Marbux