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4.0 Release Show Stoppers

Refactor remaining Framework libraries for H4

  • Create list of libraries that need to be refactored
    • Can look for horde/Core dependency in package.xml. Most (all?) packages should not have this dependency/
    • SyncML ($)
  • New Share subsystem
  • Horde_Group
    • Various GLOBAL usage
    • SQL driver needs to be refactored to not extend datatree classes
    • does http://wiki.horde.org/HordeGroupAPI still apply? Are we still targeting this for H4?
  • Net_IMSP
    • Needs considerable refactoring
    • Possible candidate to drop until next release, but feel since it's a currently supported driver in Turba, we should release with 4.0
  • Horde_Block
    • Move to Core? At least some parts need to be moved.
  • Horde_SQL
    • Need to move functionality that we need to retain into Horde_Db
  • Horde_Form
    • PHP5-ify, still has dependency on Core
    • Appears to be some stuff in the Model package, not sure what state it's in.
  • CalDAV

Refactor remaining *released* apps for H4

  • Mail - DONE
  • Calendar - DONE
  • Notes - DONE
  • Tasks
  • Address Book DONE
  • Mail Filters

To be refactored/released for H4 in the future (non-showstopper)

  • Photos
  • Time Tracker
  • Wiki
  • Source Repository Viewer
  • Files
  • Tickets

Require Unicode support in both Server and Client

  • Consistently use UTF-8 internally. - DONE
  • Convert data *once* when entering Horde from the backend. - DONE
  • Remove any other Horde_String::convertCharset() calls. - DONE

Move translations for framework libraries into the libraries. DONE

  • Uses horde/Role package to use to install into the correct place.

Make apps PEAR installable

Browser-based configuration (no more static configuration files)

Centralized Session access

  • Ticket #8023
  • Accessed via global $session (or $hsession?) variable
  • Merge SessionObjects functionality into Horde_Session

DB schema migrations

  • Need to write migrations for all base horde tables, placing them in appropriate framework library packages...how do these get run?
  • Postgres BYTEA escaping (Ticket #9153)

To be released with H4

  • IMP - DONE
  • Ingo - DONE
  • Kronolith - DONE
  • Mnemo - DONE
  • Nag - DONE
  • Turba - DONE

To be released after H4 (non-showstopper)

  • Ansel - DONE
  • Gollem
  • Hermes - DONE
  • Whups - DONE
  • Wicked - DONE

CalDAV Server

Application Renaming

H3 Upgrade Scripts/Documentation