Last Modified 2008-04-03 by Chuck Hagenbuch

Workflow Module

Rough-cut task list for getting a minimal workflow module running for work order use:

Task Estimate User/Status
Create workflow application module, skeleton 1.0 NOT DONE
Create SQL scripts, add to lib/Driver.php, lib/Driver/sql.php for listing/updating/deleting work items 2.0 NOT DONE
Write or port workflow classes to PEAR or Horde 8.0 NOT DONE
Implement XPDL load of workflow objects 4.0 NOT DONE
Implement WorkItem::evaluateExpression() (only need strings, numbers, work item properties, and "==" operator to start) 2.0 NOT DONE
Implement user's work queue screen 2.0 NOT DONE
Implement driver-based application call mechanism 1.0 NOT DONE
Implement templatized e-mail send "application" 3.0 NOT DONE
Implement create ticket "application" 2.0 NOT DONE
Implement ulaform entry/update "application" 3.0 NOT DONE
Implement e-mail decision "application" 2.0 NOT DONE
Implement work item history logging mechanism 2.0 NOT DONE
Total 32.0

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