Table of Contents

  1. Split Git Repo into individual components.
    1. Bugs
    2. People
    3. Description
      1. Steps for the split
      2. Todos
    4. Open Questions (Votes)

Split Git Repo into individual components.




All developers.


Steps for the split

  1. X Make read-only
  2. X Notify mailing lists
  3. X Split git repo with framework/bin/horde-git-split-all
  4. X Set up email updates for new repo
  5. X Add files to new repo
  6. X Create FRAMEWORK_5_2 branch in libraries
  7. X Update website


  1. Use more standard directory layout
  2. Fix API doc generation
  3. Generate documentation for each repo
  4. Add package-specific entries to
  5. Go through all PRs and refer to new repos
  6. Archive horde repo



  1. X Prepare website with new instructions
  2. X Create script to automatically build list of apps/libs (for use by install script)
  3. O Create single installation script
  4. O Create autoloader driver for use with script-facilitated development install
  5. O Create Vagrant image to allow for testing/development

Open Questions (Votes)

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