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Specification for modifications to Jonah. Currently one of two Horde feed creation/blogging applications, along with being a content aggregator and (poor) feed reader, Jonah will become the one Horde feed creation/blogging app. Current H4 Jonah code lives in the H4-Jonah branch of our git repository.



ChuckHagenbuch, BenKlang, and MichaelRubinsky are actively working on this project



  • The current code will be branched (with FRAMEWORK_3) so that existing sites can run with Jonah and Horde 3.2. This does not mean that a Horde 3.2 version of Jonah will be released, though.
  • Delivery lists will be removed
  • Aggregate and composite feeds will be removed once Hippo is able to provide those features
  • The code will be updated to be PHP 5 code using Horde 4 features

To Do

  • Features that are missing from Jonah but that exist in Thomas, such as categories, publishing to external services, etc., will be added (categories might be part of Horde_Content, as a horde_content_categories table, for generic usability)
  • Any user with access to the Jonah application will be able to create feeds
  • Feeds will become shares (any reason not to do this? allows shared posting)
  • There will be a setting to lock the default feed so that users can't create more, and $conf['share']['no_sharing'] will be honored.
  • ... what else?
    • Add good support to Jonah for a short blog for posting pictures from my blog, or quick quotes, OR mix-in a tumblr feed
  • Post pics from blogstuff gallery and delete blogstuff gallery (assuming some other hosting - jonah using ansel with app=jonah?)
  • gallery embedding: http://theupstairsroom.com/69


Tools that could be integrated:

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