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    4. Description
      1. Draft specification
        1. Themes
        2. Layouts
        3. Horde_Text_Transformer
        4. Usage Roles
        5. Old requirements list from the rampage cms project
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Hydra is the new CMS/wiki-like app being created for Project/HordeWeb



Hydra is being developed in the Horde hatchery


ChuckHagenbuch is thinking about Hydra a lot.


Draft specification

We need some sort of CMS to manage the content of the site and to make some areas user-editable like the current wiki. We may adopt an existing CMS, or we may adapt some of our own existing code. I propose that we create a new app similar to Wicked and the old Giapeto app, with the following feature list:


We should have a few nice, if generic, layouts available by default. See for some potential inspiration/sources.


Page Object


- how to return block from driver, inherit Block methods, but also inherit Rdo_Base

Mapper! Mappers are the drivers


Horde_Text_Transformer::transform($text, $from, $to = 'html');

Other potential formats


Usage Roles

First guess

chuck suggested that the "horde desktop" role should be solely a content administration role.
End users should see a website that doesn't necessarily look like an application.

--Ralf Lang

Old requirements list from the rampage cms project

Steps from Giapeto:

CMS Suggestion: Add some native support for Horde_Blocks or a new kind of widget. That will encourage more people to build Blocks which one can integrate into Websites.Currently you only need few lines of code but if the CMS is going to be a new app for release, this may really push Horde deployment a step forward.See also the CMS module of egroupware which allows joomla templates to be used, and easily integrates all egroupware apps (but is a bit clumsy)

The page object will glue together a grid of widgets (plain html content widgets, hydra's own menu/navigation widget, horde app

block widgets, etc) with a style, header object, footer object etc to a page which can be rendered to a complete html page or other output type.


Relevant tools/resources for web sites to integrate with/consider for inspiration:

Content auto-tagging:

Show authorship in google search results:

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