Last Modified 2005-12-02 by Chuck Hagenbuch

Next MIME Library

From Michael Slusarz:

What I would eventually like is to refer to these embedded mime parts by an id. PGP example:

0. multipart/signed

  1. encryption signature/version stuff

  2. encryped data

    Encrypted data contains:

    1. multipart/mixed

      1. text/plain

      2. image/jpeg

Then, if we want to access the image/jpeg option, we do a getPart('2.2') call to the MIME_Contents:: object and it will be responsible for rebuilding the data (it sees that 2.2 doesn't exist on the IMAP server, but that id 2 can contain embedded data, so it automatically downloads/parses as many parent parts as required). This will eliminate the need for MIME specific caching - which was always kind of a hackish implementation by me I admit.