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Horde IMAP Client library

This library presents a fully abstracted interface to an IMAP server. It provides a native-PHP driver that is significantly faster, more feature-rich, and extensible as opposed to PHP's imap (c-client) extension.

Additionally, the library allows for abstracted access to POP3 servers via a native-PHP driver.

C-client drivers for both IMAP and POP3 are also provided as proof-of-concept.


Michael Slusarz created the library.


The Socket library, which IMP 5.x uses for IMAP access, supports the following RFCs:

Additionally, the class includes a UTF-8 to UTF7-IMAP converter, an IMAP mailbox sorter, and an abstracted caching library.

The library requires PHP 5.2.0+.


Further details can be found at

Known Broken Imap Servers


The library code can be found at
Developer documentation (API) can be found at

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