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Michael Rubinsky


Ansel 2.0 Stuff


  • Deal with Ansel_Storage being able to specify different scopes and how that affects injector usage.
  • Use a decorator pattern for the different gallery display modes (Date/Normal/?).
  • rewrite tagger to use content_tagger


  • PHP5 native
  • use pretty autocompleter for tags / update the image view and review placement of tag widget.
  • Rewrite google maps integration to use horde_map javascript
  • Add a way to easily perform image actions such as downloading from the gallery view...something along the lines of either a small contextual menu or simply a link on the image tile, also a textual link to display the full image view would be very helpful for galleries using a lightbox - so the user could see the exif data/comments/image actions etc...
  • Implement a more MVC-ish way of handling the different gallery/image views. Instead of checking for api usage in all the views, use a dedicated view. This will make it easier for others to implement their own specialized view?
  • Clean up the very long parameter lists on most of the list methods - take parameter arrays instead of a dozen different paramters.

Random notes

All non Ansel_Gallery code should be calling Ansel_Gallery::listImages and not Ansel_Stroage::listImages:
list* methods should return ids, get* methods should return objects.
Review all ansel js, output all strings in js and consolidate all the gallery_view js into a single *.js file.


Make it easier to add new ModeHelper objects. There should be an init function somewhere that returns the available modes that are installed. Normal and Date should be 'built in' and always available - maybe parse the contents of a special custom Mode folder?

Related to above, come up with a detailed idea of what a gallery "style" will be...clarify what a "mode" is vs a "style", how to allow for (and what to call) special modes (such as a possible "remote gallery") that cannot be arbitrarily switched between modes (like the current Normal and Date modes can be). Maybe a gallery "type" that is specified initially that cannot be changed (Local, Remote, etc...)? And, obviously along with all this, finally provide a UI (and backend support) to allow the user to define their own gallery styles. (Layout, color, thumbnail type etc..).

Maybe use "displayMode" for changing the way images are grouped (Date, Location, Normal) etc...then a GalleryType to specify a "local" gallery for images (maybe video too) vs "remote" gallery for allowing galleries to display remotely hosted images from, say, facebook or flickr.


Allow user-specific, global, settings for what Ansel_Widgets are visible, allowing them to remove a widget that is defined in the style to un-clutter the view.

Modularize the photo (and maybe gallery) actions so we can easily plug in new actions, such as "Send this photo to Flickr" etc...

Maybe a "import/export" ability - to transfer images to other services like Flickr, Facebook, and import them from services that the user has perms to.

Layout ideas:

lazy load image thumbnails for some styles: Needs to be implemented on top of prototype...

Replace current tagging implementation with the PrettyTagger stuff from Kronolith - still to decide, can we completely replace Ansel's Tagger with the Content tagger?

Ansel_Gallery::addImage() should take an Ansel_Image object, not the raw image data to create the object.

Use Horde_Support_Array objects for private class params to avoid all the if (!empty($this->_param['foo']) ? $this->_param['foo'] : '') type conditionals

Flash based image uploader:


Some usability/UI related stuff from Flickr site redesign.

Objective C/Cocoa stuff (For iPhoto/Aperture -> Ansel exporters, and iPhone/iPod Touch development):


If I ever get *really* motivated to dust off my C++ skills (and I use that term very loosely), add support for XMP metadata fields:

Some XML-RPC implementations for dealing with the lack of the WS* helper classes on the iPhone/iPod Touch:

...at least until we have a RESTful interface to our api

Unit Testing with Objective C:


GPS / Geocoding Stuff

Some code for using gps tracks in PHP - would like to provide apis for apps with geodata top filter based on date and location.


Basic info on creating GIS capable tables, queries.

Choosing the best images to display based on location?

Alternative to google for webservices - plus a downloadable location database:

Open source map server

Open source javascript abstraction for in-line dynamic maps

Kronolith Stuff/Ideas:

http://demo.helioscalendar.com/events/ (Some map integration ideas)