Help! I can't access/delete/read/send my email.

We do not host your email; Horde doesn't host anyone's email.

If you've been sent to this page, then you have probably written to a Horde project member or mailing list asking for help with your email. You have lost your password, your server seems to be down, and/or something isn't working. However, the Horde project is a software project. We freely provide our software for anyone to use. But this software is then setup and maintained by individuals at your hosting provider (or business, or university, etc.). We no longer have any control over how it works and we cannot troubleshoot it. We have no access to your email or your account.

You need to talk to whoever actually runs your email account for you. This might be your ISP, it might be someone else that you paid for web hosting or for your domain name, or it might be your IT person/department.

Tips on Finding your Web Hosting Provider

Good luck sorting things out.