Typical gollem configuration scenarios

Gollem with local files and separate user homes

A typical scenario with gollem is:

How to do

configure the backend for private storage

in gollem/config/backend.php

$backends['file'] = array(
    'name' => Auth::getAuth().'Home',
    'driver' => 'file',
    'preferred' => true,
    'hordeauth' => false,
    'params' => array(
        // The base location under which the user home directories live.
        'vfsroot' => '/var/horde/vfs/users',
        // The default permissions to set for newly created folders and files.
        // 'permissions' => $conf['umask']
    'loginparams' => array(),
    'root' => '/' . Auth::getAuth(),
//don't allow normal users to break out of their share
    'home' => '/' . Auth::getAuth(),
//let users start at the root of their share
    'createhome' => true,
//create home dir if necessary
    // 'filter' => '^regex$',
    // 'quota' => false,
    'clipboard' => true,
    'attributes' => array('type', 'name', 'edit', 'download', 'modified', 'size', 'permission', 'owner', 'group')