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Horde User's FAQ

Kronolith Questions

Does kronolith have "shared" calendar support?

At this time, the production release does not yet have shared calendar support. Preliminary shared calendar support is in the CVS HEAD version, and being actively developed.

Can kronolith sync with my Palm Pilot?

No, not at this time. Palm syncing is planned for a future version, but there is no timeline for its implementation.

How do "alarms" work?

Currently alarms simply display a message when kronolith is refreshed. Other options are being considered, such as e-mail based alarms.

Does kronolith support iCalendar invitations?

The released version of kronolith does not yet support iCalendar invitations.

The CVS HEAD version does support iCalendar/vCalendar format importing and exporting and the sending of iCalendar invitations for e-mail based scheduling. As such it is now interoperable with any calendar/email system which can either send or receive standard iCalendar attachments.

This means that you can create a kronolith event, send invitations for that event to any email addresses desired, and the email recipients can then add the event to their calendars automatically.