Last Modified 2013-09-04 by Jan Schneider

Special files

This information is valid for Horde 5 and later only. See Doc/Dev/SpecialFilesH3 for Horde 3 or Doc/Dev/SpecialFilesH4 for Horde 4.

  • horde/lib/core.php: This file
    • sets some required PHP configuration settings
    • sets autoloading paths for Horde libraries
    • registers error handlers

There are several files with a special meaning that can be found in every Horde application:

  • index.php: This script is loaded if a user enters an application. Usually this script doesn't have any functionality but simple loads the default view of the application, sometimes depending on the user's preferences.
  • lib/Api.php: This files defines and implements all methods that an application is exposing through the Registry to the other Horde applications and the Horde RPC servers.
  • lib/Application.php: This file defines information need to initialize the application and to interact with the Horde framework. It also defines the version number of the application.
  • lib/Exception.php: This file defines the application-specific exception class.
  • lib/Test.php: This file defines any application specific tests to run when using the Horde test script.
  • lib/Ajax/Application.php: This file defines the AJAX actions provided by this module.
  • themes/default/screen.css: This is a CSS file that defines all application specific style sheet rules.