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Command line scripts

This is an overview about the available command line (CLI) scripts for developers.

Script name Git path Purpose State
Installation scripts
horde-bootstrap horde.git/components/bin Bootstrapping a Horde development environment Unknown
horde-dev-create-web horde.git/horde/bin/dev Developer script to install a web-accessible Horde installation from git. Unknown
install_dev horde.git/framework/bin Installs a horde installation in a web-accessible directory. Uses symlinks by default so that code changes apply to both the git checkout and the running code. Production
install_framework horde.git/framework/bin Installs framework libraries as if installed through the PEAR installer. Called from install_dev. Production
pear_batch_install horde.git/framework/bin Installs all or some components through the PEAR installer. Unknown
pear_batch_install.bat horde.git/framework/bin Installs all or some components through the PEAR installer. Windows version. Unknown
Administrator/developer scripts
horde-generate-module horde.git/framework/bin Creates a new application stub based on the skeleton module. Deprecated, use git-tools
horde-build-snaps horde-support.git/maintainer-tools Builds snapshot tarballs. Deprecated
Core developer scripts
horde-components horde.git/components/bin Provides a set of tools to manage Horde components (libraries and applications): changelogs, composer package definitions, dependency detection, distribution packaging, fetching remote docs from wiki, installation, quality control, release management, snapshots, pear package definitions, web docs generation Production, some Unknown
horde-git-split horde.git/framework/bin One-time script to split our monolithic repository into separate repositories Beta
horde-run-cmd horde.git/framework/bin Runs any command in every component directory. Probably useful after repo split. Unknown
test_framework horde.git/framework/bin Runs all unit test from all libraries. Production
horde-build-website-docs.sh horde-support.git/maintainer-tools Builds documention for the website using docutils. Duplicated in horde-components. Production
horde-ckeditor horde-support.git/maintainer-tools Copies only those files from an (old) CKEditor distribution that are required by Horde. Unknown
horde-installer-phar-create horde-support.git/maintainer-tools Builds a Horde PHAR installer Unknown
horde-update-ISO3166-countries horde-support.git/maintainer-tools Updates the country listing in Horde. Production
Vagrantfile.image_optimize horde-support.git/maintainer-tools Definition for a VM to help optimizing all images. Unknown
Deprecated scripts
horde-rev-cmp horde.git/framework/bin Compares two files or directory trees, ignoring common non-development changes Deprecated, useful at CVS times
horde-js-compress horde-support.git/maintainer-tools Compresses (minifies) JavaScript files Deprecated by on-the-fly compression
horde-patch-config.sh horde-support.git/maintainer-tools Applies patches to configuration files. Deprecated, useful at CVS times