The Registry (Horde_Registry)

This information is valid for Horde 4 and later only. See Doc/Dev/RegistryH3 for Horde 3.

Horde's Registry is the sole method to initialize the Horde environment and is the glue that holds different applications together.

Things the Registry does when being instantiated:

  1. Importing the global configuration
  2. Setting up configuration of various framework libraries (via Horde_Injector)
  3. Setting up the session handler and starting the session (including necessary authentication)
  4. Setting the language and gettext domain
  5. Restoring the registry information from cache or loading and parsing the registry configuration from config/registry.php
  6. Instantiating the global Permission object (TODO: should be removed in favor of Horde_Injector)

Click here for Registry usage examples.

Click here for documentation on how to configure the horde/config/registry.php file.