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Horde 6 Installation Instruction (Draft)

Horde 6 (unreleased) uses the composer package manager. https://getcomposer.org/doc/00-intro.md A lot of details have changed compared to previous versions.
Before running this code in production, please ensure you are familiar with the procedures

Ready to run docker groupware setup

Linux Server: Installation from Scratch


* SQL Database Setup
* Web Server Setup
* PHP Version and Extensions
* Composer
* git - optional, recommended
* IMAP and SMTP Server -optional, needed for Webmail and other mail related services

Installation Steps

This section goes through an installation step by step. You will first setup Horde with users stored into a SQL database, then add groupware applications with their default settings and finally setup Web Mail and Filters.
See "Recovering" for more concise, automation-friendly instructions.

* Get A Root Project
* Install the Horde Base System, connect to database, inject initial admin user

Install Horde Applications

Kronolith Calendar, Nag Tasks, Mnemo Notes, Passwd Password, Turba Contacts, content/timeobjects
IMP Webmail, Ingo Mail Filter Manager
Gollem File Manager
Wicked WIKI - TBD
Hermes Time Tracking - TBD
Whups Ticket System - TBD
Ansel Photo Gallery App - TBD
Sesha Inventory App - TBD
Development Tools: Components, Chora Repo Viewer,
Installing a Third Party application for the Horde 6 Framework

Removing a Horde Application

How to remove an app

Upgrading a Horde 6 system after installation

How to upgrade a single app or the whole deployment

Backup a Horde Installation

How to backup a horde environment

Recovering from Backup

How to recover from a backup

Windows: Installation from scratch

How to install on Windows 10 or 11

Upgrading from Horde 5 PEAR or Linux Distribution

Upgrade from official Horde 5 releases

Upgrading from Horde 5 git-tools installation

From git-tools

Upgrading from Horde 4 or older


Developer specific workflows

Checkout a single library and setup for development
Upgrade a single application and dependencies to development versions
Release an application version

Known issues

Known issues and proposed fixes for current alpha version

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