Setting up a Root Project

Horde 6 uses a different directory structure than previous versions of horde.
The Root Project is a level above and outside the '/web' directory which should be accessed by the web server.
The Root Project contains metadata files, configuration and live data.

The default Root Project is called horde-deployment

Get it using git (recommended)

cd /srv/www/
git clone

Get it using composer

This is currently not yet possible.

Manual download

- Download from the Release Page
- Unzip into your web server's path but outside the default web root. Depending on your distribution, this is /srv/www or /var/www

Manually create a webroot (not recommended)

mkdir presets
mkdir var
mkdir var/cache
mkdir var/config
mkdir var/log
touch var/log/horde.log
mkdir var/sessions
mkdir var/tmp
mkdir var/vfs
mkdir vendor
mkdir web
composer init --repository --require "horde/horde ^6 || dev-FRAMEWORK_6_0" -s alpha