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Developer Checkouts

Developer checkouts are a special setup intended for Horde developers.
A developer checkout will contain all mainstream and alpha applications, libraries etc directly from git.
A special helper tool git-tools is used for managing the large number of git repos.
The developer setup consists of two different hierarchies: The git checkout and the web-readable tree.
The git checkout is a directory containing all Horde libraries (capital letters) and applications (lower case letters) as seen on github.
The web readable tree is a re-arranged structure of symlinks to simulate what would be seen in a pear installation.

This allows combining original, bleeding edge or downstream patched components in desired combinations.

If you are rather looking for a simple setup, try PEAR or composer.

Creating a Developer Checkout

Getting and installing the git helper

mkdir /srv/git/git-tools
git clone https://github.com/horde/git-tools.git
cd git-tools
composer install
cd config
cp conf.php.dist conf.php

Edit the config file before creating a developer checkout.

Creating a runnable Horde git master installation

## check out repos outside webroot
/srv/git/horde/git-tools/bin/horde-git-tools git clone
## build a webroot tree
/srv/git/horde/git-tools/bin/horde-git-tools dev install

Creating an own module

/srv/git/horde/git-tools/bin/horde-git-tools dev new --author "John Doe <doe@doe.org>" --app-name "doesmatter"

Creates a new app from skeleton.

++  Working with a developer checkout

+++ Refresh your checkout

/srv/git/horde/git-tools/bin/horde-git-tools git pull

Perform a git pull --rebase on all checkouts.

Change your complete checkout to a certain framework version

/srv/git/horde/git-tools/bin/horde-git-tools checkout BRANCH_NAME

How To Maintain Versions

How to run unit tests

Run only unit tests

/srv/git/horde/git-tools/bin/horde-git-tools components /path/to/component qc unit

Or run the whole quality check suite

/srv/git/horde/git-tools/bin/horde-git-tools components /path/to/component qc unit

ready made installations