Last Modified 2013-09-04 by Jan Schneider

Debugging Tools For Horde 4 or later

Horde::debug() 1

To easily debug the value of a variable in Horde PHP code, Horde::debug() can be used. Usage:


$variable is the variable you wish to debug. The contents of this variable will be dumped into a file named horde_debug.txt in your temporary directory (generally set in horde/config/conf.php in the $conf['tmpdir'] variable). $variable MUST NOT be debug_backtrace().

If you want to manually specify the location of the debug file, you can use the optional second parameter to Horde::debug():

Horde::debug($variable, $filename);

$filename should be the full path to the filename. If using $filename, make sure the directory/file is writable by the user the PHP process runs as.

IMP: IMAP/POP3 Debugging

To enable debugging, see instructions contained in imp/config/backends.php (the 'debug' config parameter).