Last Modified 2013-01-24 by Ralf Lang

Notes on converting apps from Horde 4 to Horde 5.

These are by far not complete.


Use Horde_PageOutput

* There is a new class Horde_PageOutput which is an OO-style output buffer
* horde/templates/common-header.inc does not exist anymore

New parameter format for entries in menu

In Application.php's menu function, entries now go like this

            $menu->add(Horde::url('data.php'), _("_Import/Export"), 'horde-data');

It's link, caption, css class. The Icon now has to be defined in css:

.turba-edit, #tabEditContact a {
    background-image: url("graphics/edit.png");


Topbar search bar

* If your app sported a custom search bar (like wicked, sesha or whups), convert it to the Horde Topbar

$topbar = $injector->getInstance('Horde_View_Topbar');
/* Make topbar visible */
$topbar->search = true;
/* Define where to redirect when the button is clicked */
$topbar->searchAction = new Horde_Url('list.php');
/* Define the grayed-out hint text in the search field */
$topbar->searchLabel =  $session->get('sesha', 'search') ?: _("Stock Id");
/* Define a search icon. Leave away if you want the default */
$topbar->searchIcon = Horde_Themes::img('search-topbar.png');

Custom apps handling

If your conf.xml had such a section

<configsection name="menu">
  <configheader>Menu Settings</configheader>
  <configmultienum name="apps" desc="Select any applications that should be
  linked in Insysgui's menu" required="false">
    <configspecial application="horde" name="apps" />

drop it. It won't work anymore now that the app-specific menu lives in the sidebar.