Last Modified 2011-06-28 by Jan Schneider

Branch management

(First draft, already superceded)

We will actively maintain 3 development branches in Git:

  • Main development for the next release happens in the master branch.
    • Only when the release process starts, we will branch off master, so that we can stabilize the code for the next release, while still going forward with development in master.
      • Major, especially BC breaking changes will be done in topic branches, to not have the master branch polluted with unstable code when the next release cycle arrives.
  • The most recent two major version branches will be maintained with security fixes.

If for example we already had 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1 releases and are now working on the 6.0 release, we would maintain FRAMEWORK_4_0, FRAMEWORK_5_1 and master branches. Once 6.0 is released, we maintain FRAMEWORK_5_1, FRAMEWORK_6_0 and master branches.