Last Modified 2017-10-29 by Michael Rubinsky

The Facebook integration in Horde is deprecated, this is for historical purposes only

Configuring Horde 4 for Facebook integration

Horde's Facebook integration requires some setup on Facebook in order to get it to working. A Facebook application must be created for each Horde installation. The following are the steps that are required in order to get this working.

  1. Create the application. This is done at http://facebook.com/developers
  2. Under the Website section of the configuration, you need to add the url to your services/facebook page. So, if your horde install is at http://example.com/horde, then your Site URL setting should be http://example.com/horde/services/facebook/ . You also need to enter the Site Domain setting. In this example, it would be example.com.
  3. Take note of the Application ID and the Application Secret values. You will need to enter these in Horde's API Keys configuration section.
  4. Once those values are entered into Horde's configuration, users will be able to validate the application via Horde's Facebook Integration preference page.