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  1. Upgrading Horde on CentOS 5.2
    1. Upgrading from 3.1.x
    2. Resources

Upgrading Horde on CentOS 5.2

Taking Horde installations from 3.1.x to 3.2x

Upgrading from 3.1.x

mkdir /zone
mkdir /zone/horde.upgrade
cd /zone/horde.upgrade
gunzip horde-3.2.1.tar.gz
tar -xf horde-3.2.1.tar -C .
mv horde-3.2.1 /var/www/html/

cd /var/www/html/horde-3.2.1/config
for foo in *.dist; do cp $foo `basename $foo .dist`; done
chown -R apache.apache /var/www/html/horde-3.2.1


cd /zone/horde.upgrade
rsync -auvtP /var/lib/mysql/horde /zone/horde.upgrade

  1. Goto the installation http://yoursite.whatever/horde-3.2.1
  2. You will only have horde so set that up.
  3. Use the settings for the existing Horde mysql database
  4. Save
  5. Run the upgrade sql script (putty into your server)
  6. mysql -uroot horde -ppassword < /var/www/html/horde-3.2.1/scripts/upgrades/3.1_to_3.2.mysql.sql
  7. Try and logon to this copy of horde

The only issue I had with logging in was to make sure the config/conf.php pointed at this new installation. $conf['cookie']['path'] = '/horde-3.2.1';

Once I knew I could login I copied all the other module over from horde to horde-3.2.1
I use rsync to preserver dates.
<code>rsync -auvtP /var/www/html/horde/imp /var/www/html/horde-3.2.1/

for i in forwards mottle vacation agora gollem kronolith nag rakim volos ansel ingo nic chora jeta occam thor whups hermes jonah trean wicked mimp passwd sam turba wps_sober ducttape klutz mnemo swoosh
rsync -auvtP /var/www/html/horde/$i /var/www/html/horde-3.2.1/
Now run all the patches from horde to upgrade the various modules.


Include links to protocol descriptions, specifications, RFCs, external applications, presentations on or elsewhere that are relevant, articles, API docs from - anything that might be useful to someone working on this.

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