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ActiveSync 266 Show changes for 266 Michael Rubinsky Make this line more obvious.
ActiveSync 265 Show changes for 265 Guest Removed irrelevant information in this context
ActiveSync 264 Show changes for 264 Guest Updated multiple sources support for BlackBerry
ActiveSync 263 Show changes for 263 Guest BlackBerry S/Mime support
Project/H6TODO 8 Show changes for 8 Michael Slusarz AJAX framework improvements
Project/H6TODO 7 Show changes for 7 Michael Slusarz CHANGES suggestion
Project/H6TODO 6 Show changes for 6 Michael Slusarz more todos
ActiveSync 262 Show changes for 262 Guest added another adb option for android email logging as 4.4.2+ disable the d@d.d/debug option
ActiveSync 261 Show changes for 261 Michael Rubinsky Add SMS synch to roadmap
ActiveSync 260 Show changes for 260 Michael Rubinsky Add link to MS documentation regarding mailbox policies.