IngoDovecotSieve 5 Show changes for 5 Guest Revert
ActiveSync 279 Show changes for 279 Guest The ProxyPassMatch syntax has changed
Wiki/Usage 1 Show changes for 1 Guest
Doc/Dev/Test 6 Show changes for 6 Guest Warning about running AllTests with php and not phpunit
webserver/nginx 5 Show changes for 5 Guest adding .well-known redirects for carddav and caldav and extending the timeout for ActiveSync
SQLAuthHowTo 31 Show changes for 31 Guest Typo.
SQLAuthHowTo 30 Show changes for 30 Guest Add information for Horde/ViMbAdmin auth integration.
ActiveSync/KnownIssues 15 Show changes for 15 Michael Rubinsky Update message to match what current code logs.
ActiveSync 278 Show changes for 278 Michael Rubinsky This has nothing to do with ActiveSync, it's a general Horde setup issue.
ActiveSync 277 Show changes for 277 Guest https://bugs.horde.org/ticket/13926 better explanation, when the problem occures